The Women's Hub – Connect, Learn and Grow.



The aim of The Women’s Hub is to bring together women from different backgrounds, cultures and religions to socialise together, learn together and from each other, in order to understand each other better.

Who we are

The Women’s Hub committee was formed in April 2012 by Lamyaa Khamlichi, Mariani Coombes, Elizabeth Rahman and Savi Jayaweera.  The group was formed after we identified a real need in Worthing (and it’s surrounding areas) for activities and events for women who wanted to connect, learn, grow and celebrate with each other.

What we do

On 25th February 2012 The Women’s Hub held their launch event in Worthing – an International Fashion Show for Women.  Held at the MayBridge Community Centre in Durrington, the event attracted over 100 women from a wide range of ages and diverse backgrounds.  The event included: a fashion show featuring vintage British fashion as well as clothing and traditional dress from across the world including Africa, South and East Asia, and the Arab world; musical and dance performances; stalls; and British and international food.  Since then we have organised a range of different events including belly dance and flamenco dance workshops, cooking workshops and 1001 Nights; an arabic inspired evening of food, dance, song and poetry.


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